There are some things I’ve been working on and I hope they are going to be ok. I enjoy doing it, so I’ll probably continue.

I’ve been a bit slacking on some things. I need to refocus my attention on that.

Well got some good motivation going on in my life, so I will focus on that. Actually have been slowly improving. Some people would think otherwise, but oh well.

Last year I made sure to forgive everyone who has hurt me and ask for forgiveness. Even the one person who always seems to be a thorn in my side. Every time I think I’m free of them, they come back with a vengeance. Well that’s one reason why they come back. I forgave them, and I truly hope they have someone else to focus their attention on.

Yes I do care about their daughter.

I care about children in general. Doesn’t matter who’s child it is, but I’d advise you not use that against me. That’s a really horrible thing to try to do. I will not get close to some one just because they have a child. I only deal with the children in my family. Plus people tend to think I might baby sit. Unless I’m dating someone with a child and we are watching the child together, or a family member and it’s only for a few hours, then it’s not going to happen. I have things I want to do and when I have kids I know I will not have the time to do all of those things.


Oh well. Live and Learn.

Well I need to go do something. Later.


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