So. It was true.


So some idiot freaking decided to ask one of their poor friends to watch me. This usually doesn’t end well.

Here’s why.  You ask someone who has to be social and thinks that the person they are watching would want to be friends with them.  Nope you are stalking someone in secret so why would you want to call attention to that?  Next this person was told not to tell anyone.  Hahahahaha.  Once again a person who’s worth is decided by who they have around their home and who they are friends with.  Yeah….really a great candidate.  Someone who would want friends so bad they gave out my bank account and showed them everything in front of them.  Someone who thinks everyone who wants to be her friend is not a criminal.  Might as well just give them the gun they put to my head while I slept.  Half the people around us were not paying their rent including her.  Guess she blew through the funds, or was just using my bank account that she had access to and shared with the criminals.  So yeah a perfect candidate.  I know who suggested this person.  Not a very smart person.  An alcoholic none the less.

The worse thing is, is that person didn’t realize what they had done until afterwards.  Dumb ass.  Still her boyfriend still tried to walk into my home when I was going into mine.  Fucking like he’s done it before.  Remember that.   Boy did she fled after she realized what she did.

The worse thing.  There were people up there after she moved out.  I have my suspicions that they moved them in after I complained. *wink*  How did I know.  Well let’s see I think they were using my computer to get on my internet, until I changed the pass code.  Still think they can.  I changed it again, but they seem to be able to.  Just like they are able to tell when I buy new things.  For example.  I have some things hidden underneath things.  So they know when I buy things.  The worse case scenario, they have access to my apartment and come in any time they want.  The only people who have access are those who work in the office….think about that little nugget.

For example when I bought some fangs for Halloween.  Trivial things.  But they were discussing it, like they were made out of gold or something.  I was a vampire for Halloween so I needed fangs.  My neighbors still discuss what I buy.  I can’t buy anything.  Probably some kin to someone that was up there before.  So yeah.  Why exclaim out loud.  Oh yeah this was even before I could told anyone anything.  They knew I bought a new TV.  I needed one cuz my old one finally died.  Here I hear these people discussing it.  They even discuss when I buy stuff off of Amazon.  So what does that tell you? They have access to my bank account again. This sucks for me.  I know if I have to change my bank account every fucking year, it’s bad for me, because I have to learn a new bank account again.  But they’ll just pretend they are me and the stupid bank will give out information.  That reminds me I need to yell at the bank again.  They failed miserably at something, which tells me the thieves/ stalkers are at it again.

So yeah I hope that investigator and that female voice or reason stops all of this shit.  It’s just going to be a mess that will end up in a lawsuit.  It’s kind of stupid.  Who the fuck is that crazy?  Like I’ve said before.  If you give people information they shouldn’t have and expect them not to do anything with it, you are a dumb idiot.  Seriously, if you leave a folder  out on your chair with your personal information on it and expert the person next to you not to look at it, you really have no idea about human nature.  People have been stalked and murdered because of something like that.  The difference here, is I never gave anyone the opportunity to get that folder, but someone else gave my folder to everyone else.  That’s worse than me doing it to myself eh?  That means an army of people are armed with my information.  They can always look up where I live.  They can access things they shouldn’t be able to.  They could steal my identity.   Ruin everything.

You know what’s funny.  They thought I was an illegal alien.  Hahahaha.  Seriously?  Me.  I had to provide proof because of their digging around flagged a lot places, so I had to prove it.  Also might be because I mentioned I went to California for a visit.  Not that I was from California.  I guess that makes anyone from there an illegal alien?  That includes the blonde blue eyed ones or just the dark skinned ones?   A lot to think about.

I’m telling you it’s ridiculous, what stalkers do.  I am not sure why they care what I buy.  It’s for me.  But I’m thinking, they want to steal it later.  Most definitely that’s why.  I am not buying anything for them.  Shit.  I’ll keep a bag of shit for them.  I find it a bit crazy they care what I buy, when I see people bringing in a ton of TVs into their home or brand new appliances or even consoles.  Still my stuff is the stuff they want to steal?  That’s fucking crazy.  Yeah I know you stole my alarms by the way.  Then made the mistake of using them where I could hear too.   Professional private eyes or should I say criminals.  Hard to tell right?

I know the persons who broke in were waiting for me to leave.  They probably broke in the minute I left.  Thanks to the loudmouth upstairs. The problem is the loud mouth upstairs said something to me, that made me realize who she was friends with.  She mentioned my coworkers being mean to me and laughing like it wasn’t true.  Still she seemed to know more than she let on.  Now when I get a bad feeling about something, I’m not going to ignore it.

By the way.  If you’re going to be an asshole to someone while their family member is dying and expect them to be your best buddy go fuck yourself.  Hell the fuck no.  Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.  Then continue to be an asshole after they pass away, FUCK YOU.  Then someone has to tell you why they want to punch a hole in you.  FUCK YOU!  WHO THE FUCK MAKES FUN OF SOMEONE’S DYING FAMILY MEMBER.  I can give you a list, including my neighbors.

I think I’m done now.  I should be doing something else, but decided to vent for a minute.  Lata gata.


They Still Are Not Helping Me.


So yeah they still aren’t helping me.  No one notices that I’m not normal right now.  They don’t care.  Either they stay away or they fucking ignore me.  So yeah.  I think I’d rather be ignored than made fun of though.  Still I only get talked to, to be bullied.  Yes that’s right bullied.

Fucking people.

BTW the example about the text message from Yahoo.   It was an example.  Still I got a text from Twitter the other day or something that is close to Twitter and I hear, “She got a text from Twitter.”  Okay so I’m busy doing something like changing all of my passwords since one of my accounts was compromised again.  This time by a sex bot.  Then I hear that because I get a text message every time someone does something to my accounts.  So yeah wasn’t trying to hear that.  Fucking crazy right?

I hope they are getting paid to spy on me.  At least that makes sense for someone to bother.  That’s the only reason why I would bother and it would have to be thousands of dollars.  Enough to get me a nice ride and I would have a condo and not even bother moving  into the apartment above the target and just have some relative live there and only pay them a fraction of what I’m getting paid for.  More than likely they would end up breaking in and stealing stuff, or steal their bank account, watch their TV, use their stuff, eat their food.  Yeah not professional private eye, just a crazed stalker.

The thing is, what I described above is illegal.  There is no court of law who would say that’s appropriate behavior.  Tapping someones phone without legal reason and without consent will not hold up in a court of law.  Also video taping someone without legal reason and without consent is against the law.  Why do you think voyeurs go to jail?  It’s against the law.

That’s harassment and retaliation.  What for?  I know and they know.  It’s kind of stupid though.   That just means I never made any of that up and someone owes me a big apology and some compensation.

So yeah.  Thinking about all of the crazy stalker things that have happened to me isn’t very helpful.  I keep getting told someone knows someone who went through it.  So yeah.  Not normal.  People are assholes.

I should really hate people, but it’s human nature not to want to be alone.  Human beings are awful sometimes.

When a group of people get access to your personal information, then just you wait.  I mean medical records.  I mean your social security number, bank account, anything private.  Still Michelle didn’t care.  Oh no she gave it to them without a thought and the lawyers gave it to them too.  When the special project is you, then they gave them all of the weapons they needed.  They went through your voice mail.  Vincent even changed the phone where it rang the phone bank.  Vincent even came to your apartment under false pretenses and hacked your computer.  Don’t forget Ivan who let you know every time you tried to ask Mario for help.  Ivan would come up to you and tell you “Good Job.”  Even the religious chick judged.  The church girl who believed judge lest you be judged.  Wow what a group.  Joaquin who was big as a house, who sat glaring with his flaring nostril that looked like rhinoceros blowing water out his nose.  How could you not know it was you they were talking about.  “It is safe they asked.”  “I’m so embarrassed,” they said.  “This is embarrassing.”  We shouldn’t have gone any further than this.  Why did you give them that?  All because of the red-faced Michelle who had just got a recent tan who was afraid of black people.  Who got a group of other white women up in a roar and didn’t care.  Oh yes, racism still exists.  I mean any time someone doesn’t acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is an US holiday.  Makes you wonder.

That just came to me, hmmm.

So yeah I am realizing people aren’t very observant.  You could list all of the warning signs.  I’m beginning to realize people are liars.  They lie to get information out of you, so they can give it to someone else.  People just aren’t who they say they are.

Charlize Theron who grew up during apartheid feels that America is horrible for her black children.  I have to agree with her on that.  Nothing like being profiled.  Getting pulled over for no reason.  Get shot because “you’re being hostile.”  The standoffs we have,  If they were black…would they have shot them?   A cop killed a guy because someone reported someone acting strange and instead of giving them a warning they just straight up shot the guy.  The guy had mental issues.  Probably some idiot called.  Thought it would be funny not expecting the guy to get shot.  Being black you have to prove yourself more.   You feel like you have to do triple the work for anyone to acknowledge you’re good.  Add being female.  That makes it harder.  I mean my neighbors called me a dirty black girl.  I get that a lot and people tend to give me scraps like I’m not good enough for the good food.  Yeah I don’t eat scraps I actually throw them away.  You don’t want the leftovers after everyone has picked off it, doesn’t matter what race you are.  I get where Charlize is coming from.  She wants her kids to be safe.  She doesn’t want to worry that in 10 or 20 years her child has been shot for “being hostile.”  It’s sad, but unfortunately true.  When you’re taught at a young age you can’t touch anything in your car or just straight up put your hands up in the air so you don’t get shot, that tells you a lot.

Any ways.  I better go.


How do I know


How do I know?

Well here’s the thing about people who are doing something they shouldn’t be doing.  They have a habit of telling others.

How did I know my neighbor got in my apartment and jumped on my couch and bed?  Welp, she was standing outside my windows and doors talking loudly telling all the other neighbors.  So yeah.  Then a few weeks later I got broken into.  I do believe the week before that my neighbor was asking me why I was home.  Couldn’t do it when I was home thank goodness.

How did I know my bank account was compromised?  Well I heard someone trying to call the bank using my account information and my access code.  They knew exactly how much money was in my account.  They even discussed something about me wanting to work two jobs.  How did I know?  They were loud as fuck and were making fun of me.  Hence the crazy dude that yelled, “I told you not to make fun of her!

You know it’s one thing to be an ass to me at work or other places, but when it comes to my personal space.  Well fuck that just makes me a prisoner doesn’t it?  I’m not allowed to have any peace and quiet if I’m being stalked.  It’s even worse when the stalker gets others involved.  Seriously. No freedom in my own home.  Is this going to be like this forever?

How do I know my other neighbors knew what I was wearing.  Well they stood outside my window.  One was returning home while the other one was leaving?  Like they were giving a report of my activities.  “What is she doing right now?”  “She’s dancing around in her dress.  She’s been doing it all day.”  Yeah fucking closed my eyes and told myself I was imagining this.  No one is that crazy to stalk me and make me feel like a prisoner.

Later I laid down on the floor and listened to them discuss me laying on the floor.  One voice asked if I was still breathing.  I don’t think they would have cared if I took a handful of pills and laid down to die.  They wouldn’t have called anyone.  They would have just let me die.

The thing is I had an emotional break down.  It was in the privacy of my home.  I just couldn’t stand it any more.  I had to hear it be played back all the rest of that day.  Then when I went somewhere else it was replayed again.  So much that people were making fun of me for that emotional breakdown.  So much people said it so I could hear them.  Someone’s crying.  Not a cry for help, or a cry of pain, but something fucking sarcastic, like it wasn’t a real cry.  Some people felt bad for me and were crying too.  Did they fucking try to help me?  Did they stop what was going on?  No. It might have actually become worse maybe?  Why didn’t they try to help me?  Why did they act as if nothing was wrong?  Why did they think it was OK?

So don’t fucking tell me I’m crazy and I made all of this shit up.

Do you know how that makes someone feel?  It makes you want to kill yourself.  You wonder “Why?  What did I do?”  It makes you feel like there’s no one to go to or trust.  Why?  Because you know no one will believe you and call you crazy You doubt your sanity.  You pray.  You read.  You listen to music so loud on your headphones.  You leave messages and letters for your loved ones explaining everything.  You tell them if you disappear check with the neighbors.  Here are people who could do something to me.  You prepare for the end of your life.  That’s what you do.  You try to ignore everything.  You cry yourself to sleep.  You cry in your car.  You don’t want to go home.  You don’t want to leave.  You stop going places.  You stop going to church.  You stare into space.  You ruin friendships.   You push everyone away.  You doubt everyone.  Everyone is a suspect to you.  Family, friends.  Am I really talking to so and so?  Was that text message really from them?  Are they treating me this way because  they believed what they heard?  You fucking feel trapped and aloneYou feel like a prisoner.  You drown yourself in video games until some asshole takes them away.  You focus on different hobbies.  You just want to go on and feel like a fucking human being.  You don’t talk.  You’re afraid to go out.  You’re afraid to stay in.  You’re afraid to tell anyone what you’re going to do because you know they’ll find out some how.  No dates.  No telling people you’re going to stop by any more.  Can’t plan any trips out-of-state.  Nope .  You can’t even freely do anything on your phone.  Fuck trying to read email or doing bank business.  They can see and hear everything you do and question who texted you.  Even when your email account aka yahoo texts you telling you someone tried to get into your account.  Fucking when you had to get an emergency loan because someone continued to take money out your account and you needed to pay rent and then they had the nerve to expect you to ask these people for help.  The ones who got you there.  Really? Facebook..twitter…anything you use.  Even when you surf the net.  Turning your phone off and listening to someone getting mad because they didn’t know where you went.  Then listening to them listen to your voice mail and exclaiming, “That’s where she went.  She went to that place again.”  Even today trying to be normal is so fucking hard.  Pain all of the time.  Trying to not to be afraid, but always suspicious.  Always looking over your shoulder.  Hesitating to go anywhere even when you need to go.  That’s mentally draining.  It’s physically draining.  So you have to take medication and vitamins to keep you going.  So yeah.  Fucking sucks to live this way and no one has made me feel like I’m no longer a prisoner or being stalked.

When I had people sleep over they heard them.  Some people refused to come back. Still others I want them to be safe and I don’t want them to come over.  I don’t want them to become another target.  Others no they can’t come over they need to work up to that.

So yeah that’s how I know.

When I say


So my disclaimer.  When I say that it’s because I have actually been treated badly by some people who I have worked with and have been harassed by my neighbors.  The problem is, they shouldn’t have any access to this blog.  Why?  Because I’ve never shared it with my coworkers.  Why would I want more fodder to be made fun of or harassed.  So yeah.  I wouldn’t share.

Now in the past, I have had people actually state that I should kill myself.  Literally why I was sitting there.  Do you know what that feels like?  Having complete strangers basically telling you to kill yourself?  It’s not like a mean comment.  This was face to face basically.  They found out about something private and well proceeded to use that as a way to harass me.

They also found out where I lived.  They knew I lived by myself at the time, and knew I’d be the perfect target.

OK so I’ve been stalked and harassed by people before.  Hence why my stories have a lot of that in it.

It’s scary to know that someone has access to your private information and instead of keeping it private, they use it against you or give it to someone.  When I mean someone I don’t mean a  private investigator, a lawyer, or even a detective.  I mean people who shouldn’t have access to that.  Like a stranger off of the street, a prostitute, someone who doesn’t have a job.  Only people with need to know access should have access to that information.  Not just shared, given where it could be copied and written down.

So guess what? My bank account got compromised.  My home got broken into.  People knew when I was going places.  I don’t know how or why.  My phone more than likely.  I mean  there are programs that people use to monitor your phone conversations.  Heck they are finding out that google and Facebook monitor your location and can even turn on your speaker when they want, so yeah.  Kind of scary.

Still maybe there was something even more sinister like a tap on my phone.  Which I have no fucking idea why someone would do that.   Even go through the craziness of putting up cameras.  Would someone be that crazy?  Well stalker…that’s enough there.  Stalkers do crazy shit.  Still who let them in?

I mean how would you feel if your stalker was shopping at the same time you were?   Not just one time, but all of the time.  I would see this person every time I went shopping.  I would ignore it because hell, I don’t want to feel paranoid.  I hate feeling that way.  Still I haven’t seen that person in a while.  They don’t have direct access to me any more, I hope.

I told you I’ve been followed when I  go to a specific place.  I ignored it a few times, but when someone is sitting in a car for 20 minutes watching you, then you know that’s abnormal.  Even having someone come out with you to verify if they knew that person.  I wasn’t just seeing that, others were.  No it wasn’t the police.  They know me there and they know why I’m there.

Why am I sharing?  Because if something happens to me.  I want you to know that there are people out there who want to hurt you.  Stalkers are real.  People are cruel.  They would rather have you kill yourself than live.  They would rather believe stupid lies than the truth.

I  ignore this stuff everyday because I have to live, but sometimes it can get to me.  It’s something I can’t tell anyone and they know it. They’ve always knew.  Why?  Because they knew that certain people wouldn’t believe me and actually go along with it.  People enjoy being a bully. The thing is, I’m not the only one.  So many people go through this.  Some are scared to work, or even live.  Some don’t even try any more.  Some take their life.  Why?   Because no one will believe them.  It’s sad, but it’s true.

I hope one day you don’t go through this.  I hope the investigator tries to hep me out instead of saving someone else’s ass.  But, they probably aren’t.

Yes that crazy girl shouldn’t have been chosen.  She didn’t work half the time.  Probably why she got fired from before.  Then SHE suggested her.  She had no business there.  She was a criminal.  She wanted to have “friends”.  She didn’t understand most people don’t want to be friends.  Especially people who couldn’t pay their rent.  She basically came into my home when they were supposed to be fixing my air conditioner and looked around and told everyone what was in my home.  She even jumped on my couch and bed.  Her comments after the break in pretty much showed she knew who broke in. Then she freaking used my bank card after that dude told her it wasn’t a credit card.

Then the others moved in and believed the whole story.  Even tried to figure out where I was when I turned my phone off.  Finally later they found out that SHE, made up all of that and that HE didn’t like me.  Of course he didn’t.  That was some bullshit that SHE made up. Took  them long enough.  But the female continued to harass me, even after he told her to leave me alone.

Now the one above.  Not sure who they are.  Hard to tell who’s supposed to be up there.  Different cars like before.

Like the other place when every week it seemed there was a different group.  A different group who complained and could tell me what I was wearing in the privacy of my home.  So much so, I was afraid to walk around naked after a shower.  How could they see me?   They tested their alarms to see how loud it would get and to see if the office could hear it.  Wonder why?  In case they broke in to my place?  They knew everything I did.  Even when I would pray.  They got upset when I didn’t go away for the weekend.  Were they listening to me on the phone?

So yeah.  I had a few stalkers.  No matter where I  go, I’m sure they’ll follow.  I wish I had never gone to that place.  That was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.   If I could go back, I would have stopped my old self, but I needed work.   It would have been OK.  Better than mental anguish and pain that will never go away.  They will never go away.  Everyone falls under suspicion.  People don’t get it and won’t.  Hard to make friends and hard to keep them.

That’s why.


This year


Once again that disclaimer is there for a purpose as complete strangers like to quote from this blog out loud, where I can hear them.

Yelling folks, people from the past popping up, learning new things, focusing on some things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, finger-pointing, etc.

This year is going to be a roller coaster.

So I’ve got to work on the things I want right away and maybe just maybe I won’t have to worry about some of this crap.

Funny thing is usually when I try to get things right someone comes in and messes things up.

Last time my stuff got stolen.  They broke in and took my things.  So I’m just waiting again.  My neighbors always seem to know what I have in my home.  I’m telling you I heard them discussing what’s in my home more than once.  Even the new neighbors.  Called me a dirty black girl.  Funny how did they know I’m black?  I’ve never seen them.  Not dirty either, but of course people who don’t know me, make up shit.  So yeah.   So just waiting.

I hate to say it, but I’m thinking someone was able to get in and still gets in.  I don’t see why.  But people are weird.  I blame one person for that.  There’s nothing they can tell me either that would make me think otherwise.  Well one thing would make me feel better.  If all the stuff that was stolen was brought back, maybe just maybe I’ll stop thinking it’s their fault.  Good luck.  The people who had my computer…well they probably never gave it back probably found it dead in the room where they left it.

So yeah this year is going to be different.  Several projects on my mind.  Now to get back to some things.   Lata.




Lots of things


So this Hollywood harassment stuff. Everyone has their opinions. I love to listen to men talk about it.

Statistically speaking based on what poll you follow a lot of women have reported being sexually assaulted and or harassed. It goes from 54% to 75% to 90%. That’s not just in Hollywood. That’s everyday women who work, stay at home, in school, etc. There is obviously a problem.

Why women won’t say anything? Want to know why? More than likely your boss is a man and you feel like you need your job and you want to keep your job. So if you speak up you will lose your job. There will be harassment by your coworkers because they are going to side with the boss, retaliation, and bullying. It will turn to a hostile work place. Some women will just leave and start someone where else, where it starts all over again.

Another reason is, rape and assault is not always taken seriously by authorities. A lot of women are afraid to tell anyone. When I say authorities, it could mean anyone you would feel safe to tell someone. There’s always that well are you sure that’s what happened? Is that what you remember? Maybe you just imagined it? It’s usually a he said -she said thing.

Rape kits are great to use, but some women usually don’t go straight to the police when it happens. They are afraid. They don’t think they will be believed. I mean it’s great that we have the database, but if things are backlogged, the person can continue to rape and possibly never get caught.

The other problem is that men can and are also sexually assaulted. When a man talks about it, it’s even worse than for a woman. It’s kind of sad. I can imagine the comments. “You let her do what? You’re a man, no way that could have happened.” Then there would be straight up laughter. Straight up disbelief and I’m thinking they think they are not men.

Assault can be from a parent, a family member, a neighbor, a spouse, a religious figure, a teacher, a doctor, and anyone who believes they are more powerful than you. I am speaking collectively, men, women, and children have been assaulted by someone in one of those categories. These people take advantage of your vulnerability. Most of the time it’s from someone you know. Then they scare them into not telling someone, and even when they do, they aren’t believed. It’s discouraging right?  You should still speak up.

Talk to the older generations. Depending on whom you talk to, you might run across some misogynists. These are men who seem to hate women and only see them as one thing, sex objects. It’s always the woman’s fault. If she didn’t wear that, she wouldn’t have gotten raped. You put yourself in that position. Totally ignorant. It’s the 11 year old’s fault the adult took advantage of them. Some women think that way too, but I have a hunch they were part of that generation, raised that way, or just don’t realize they are like that.

So my point, listening to people, they think this is just a bunch of women hopping on a band wagon. A whole bunch of people, not just women feel more open to tell their story. Some of these stories were told a while back, but no one listened. So I commend them, and now it’s time for us to discuss this. It’s time for parents to encourage their daughters and sons to speak up and actually listen to them.

We all know the term of the casting couch. A lot of people know and knew what that meant. You had to put out to get famous. Now I hope most of that was just not true. Especially, considering when you look through Hollywood at its infancy, there were a lot of young undearge actresses. Try to think about that.  Why I hope that the “casting couch,” wasn’t a real thing.

I don’t think people realize this is a silent problem. Talk to your mother or your father. I know several women who have been assaulted. I have been. Ask a woman or a man have they been pinned down by anyone before. Ask a man or woman if they have given in to sex because they didn’t want to get beat or raped. Maybe if I give in they’ll leave. It’s not something that doesn’t happen. Ask a man or woman how many times have they been groped by someone. How many times have you been followed by someone? How many times do you look over your shoulder late at night? Have you ever been trapped in someones car until you gave in?  Maybe asking those questions will open the eyes of everyone and make them realize it’s an issue.

Another issue is that now everyone is trying to figure out what sexual assault is.  To the point where the hypothetical situations are strange.  If you grope someone, it’s usually not by accident.  If you place your hand down someone’s top and touch their breasts without their permission, that not by accident.  If you grab someones body parts without their permission it’s not by accident.  Yes there will be times when you accidentally bump into someone and might accidentally touch their stuff.  That happens, but if you do it more than once, then I’m thinking that’s not an accident.

Are dress codes made to keep people from being sexually assaulted?  I don’t know I wonder about that.  Can’t show your shoulders?  Low cut tops a no-no.  Short skirts? When someone wants to sexually assault someone it doesn’t matter what they are wearing.  Maybe not even having those thoughts would help, it has nothing to do with clothing.  Even someone dressed covered up from head to toe still can be assaulted.

This topic is a serious issue.  Hopefully good things will come out of this.   Hopefully…




Net neutrality

Well  the Republicans think Obama did this.  Really voters actually petitioned and called their congressmen to get this taken  care of.  The government listened and took the side of the people.

I swear this shows a lot of racism.  Not really shocked at all.  We have a lot of conservative liberals who are still stuck in the good old days.  I got told that was nonsense, but what do you see everyday.   Back to the old days when the rich get richer and the poorer get poor and the middle class disappears.

The first shall become the last.

Any way.  If the internet providers keep saying they won’t raise prices, they are full of shit.  My bill has increased, not just from them, but from everything on the internet.

Big business not lie?  Haha!  Hold on hold my drink why I fall on the floor laughing.  We all know the truth about that.

Well what do you expect?

History repeats itself and we never learn.  Humans never learn and we always suffer.

Well I’m out.