Strange things people do


It’s strange how people will want to get to know someone, but instead of asking that person, they will ask someone else.  Someone who thinks they know them.  Someone who only knows bits and pieces.  Someone who can only repeat what they hear from someone else, or what they want to make up about that person.  If you want to know someone it’s probably a better idea to talk to them.

That’s why I tell people all of the time they don’t know me.  Only a few select people really know me and even some of them only know what they think they know.  Funny how people are.  When I want to get to know someone I talk to them, watch them, and try to get to know them.  Still some people are always hiding behind a facade which makes it hard to see who they really are.

Still you can infer who or what a person are by their behaviors.  Not always correct, but usually a very good indicator.

For example if you see someone wandering around placing their  face against people’s windows or using their children as a way to look into people s homes, what would you infer from that?  Would you think that they are criminals?  Would you think that they are curious?  What would you think?

If you notice someone being mean to others, what would you think about that person?  Would you want them to get close to you?

If you notice someone doesn’t talk much and is very withdrawn, what would you think?  Would you talk to them with a normal conversation?  Would you think something is bothering them?  Would you think that maybe just maybe they are suffering with something they don’t feel like sharing?  Would you make fun of them?  Would you pick on them instead?  What would you do?

If you notice someone lie to someone else when you know the truth, what would you think about them?

Yeah so was thinking about that.  People aren’t perfect, but still it’s not right or fair to make someone into something they aren’t because of what you’ve been told.

People have been murdered because of a lie.  People have been beat up and hurt because of something someone told them.  People have had their life turned upside down because of what they’ve been told.

It’s like in one o f my stories.  The characters have been treated badly because of something that someone told a group of people, whether it was true or not.  How would you feel if you were sitting around listening to people tell you who you are?  Tell people who your family is?  All because they got access to information that they shouldn’t have had access to in the first place.  It caused them problems at work.  It cause them problems at home.  How strange it seems that someone is literally stalking them, watching them, and listening to them.  The worse thing is that whomever seems to think it’s the right thing to do because they have the right to know, and the characters have to deal with the ridicule, the loneliness, and the suspicions.  All these things make their life hard to live because they don’t know who to trust any more or who is worth being a part of their life and who might try to hurt them.  All because of the actions of one person which caused a mob mentality. Something that spilled out of the jar and continues to flow no matter where they go.  It’s a horrible feeling.  The characters know no one would believe them, but they also know people know exactly whats going on, they talk about it, yet instead of sympathy more meanness because everyone believes the lies over them.  Then the characters think they are going crazy and they know they aren’t.  One guy is really losing it.  The other…maybe he will too never know.  Still imagine being the characters and feeling what they feel.  Feeling as if they were always in danger?  Feeling as if they have no one to trust, and no one who will be there for them.  How would you handle it?

Cowboy….sexy cowboy who didn’t drink a lick of alcohol.  Interesting.

Alcohol can change people’s mentality.  Nice people can turn mean and evil.  Some people get psychotic.  Some people seem to love the floor they just sit there like they are supposed to.  Some people talk a lot while others become stone faced.  Some people want to fight.  It’s strange.  Still it’s messes with the chemicals in the brain causing a change.

Yeah alcohol is a drug.  Pretty much anything that alters your body’s normal function is a drug illegal or legal.  Just sometimes you have to take medicine.  I mean the ones you can get a prescription for or something for a specific thing, like headaches, allergies, etc.  Something you can buy in a store in the pharmacy section.  There you go for the smart asses who will say well you can buy alcohol in the store where you can get medicine.  That’s true, but alcohol unless it’s rubbing alcohol is not in the pharmacy section.  I do not advise you to drink that alcohol.  That will send you to the hospital.

Well I better go.


So yeah, I told them something and they believed me.



You must have sound convincing.

Yeah she doesn’t trust me though.

No because you were making fun of her and you were telling everyone that she doesn’t talk to you.  Maybe because she heard you that’s why she doesn’t talk to you.  You’re always complaining that she doesn’t talk to you, but you seem to know way too much about her, like her age, her schedule, when someone is coming over.  What the hell are you doing?  Did you hack her cell phone?  Do you know someone she knows?  Plus you and your friends go into her home so you can watch her cable.  You could get that whole family into trouble you know.

Whatever.  I lost my job.

Yeah you lost your job because you wanted to hang out with your friends instead of going to work.


What lies have you told this time?   Do you know you could send a lot of people to prison because of your vindictiveness?


Do they know the truth about your background?  It’s funny how you talk and can manipulate people.  Yet because you can’t manipulate her, you’re willing to do anything even convince someone to break into her home.  I hope you didn’t hire anyone.   All for $50.  Did you get them to pose as her family members?  Make them think she’s a different race this time?  What is wrong with you?  You’ve been sneaking into her home ever since you got in that one time.  You made sure the door was fixed.

You brought in the wrong people you talked to the wrong person and you got someone to steal her stuff didn’t you?   They got a hold of her bank account.  Funny how did you get it in the first place.  Have you been listening to her?  What about that credit card you’ve been using?  It’s not a credit card.  It’s your fault you lost your job, why would you steal from your neighbors?  Maybe you heard someone else plotting and planning and decided to help them?  What the hell is wrong with you?  You have a kid.

Not sure why


Not really sure why I’ve been thinking about racism, but in reality I’m talking about pretty much all discrimination.  Might be all the history stuff I’ve been watching, or movies or something.  Not sure.

By the way when I say stuff Hispanic guys said, I mean some things they said about themselves not about me.

So yeah.  It’s one of those days.  Not going to get into it, but feel free to ask someone who lives near me they’ll fill you in.

Peace of mind.

I’ve been a bit…

Shake your booty.

Not really much to say.  Got a lot to do, but yeah.




Sometimes I feel as if no matter how nice, no matter how hard I try people will always hate me.  So much that they wish bad things on me, or even better yet they encourage someone to hurt me.

Still I know that’s probably not true.   Well let’s hope it’s not true.  I would constantly be in danger.

So racism..

I’ve known people who were racists, but they seemed cool with me.  That’s kind of strange don’t you think?

I’ve even had people make racist comments about themselves.  For example, I’ve dated Hispanic guys.  They’ll say some stuff I won’t repeat because it sounds racist if I say it.  I would just look at them, really?  Why the heck would you say that.

Still we all know people tend to call themselves the names that other cultures call them amongst themselves.

It’s strange though one of the guys I dated well we weren’t dating at the time was mad at someone who was of the same race as me and he was going off and saying all kinds of racist things.  I was like what the hell is your problem you know I’m black right…click.

It’s like during Hurricane Katrina, when they would show people go into the stores to get food because they were hungry.  When black people or African-Americans went into the stores the media said they were looting.  When white people or Caucasian Americans went into the store it was getting supplies or provisions or something positive.  Now if who ever wasn’t getting food and going for the TV’s, and other high-end expensive things and not food then that’s looting.  So yeah racism still exists.

I think if we didn’t judge people on their skin color or their nationality there would be a lot of progress.

Did you know that in Brazil that their system is so bad that in a family of four they all could belong in a different race based on the shade of their skin?  Do you know how many times a year someone would change a race?  During the summer you’re in one race, in the winter another.

I wonder when did we start dividing people by skin color?

In India they have caste system.  Now I don’t recollect everything but I do know that most of the Untouchables which are the lowest of the caste system are mostly dark.

I knew a woman who was Hispanic who never married.  She told us one day why.  She said because she was dark none of the  men would ever talk to  her, but she couldn’t marry a black man.  (yeah no more political correctness)  I thought that was sad because she was such a nice woman.   It made me cry.  Of course I was a kid then, and I wondered why is it so wrong to be dark-skinned?

Still people tan, which I’m not sure why.  I don’t because I don’t need one.

I remember as a kid I met a man who had 90% of his body burned.  People would stare at him.  I went up and started talking to him.  Once again I was a kid.

Funny some people I am not afraid of.

Still it’s one of those things I will never understand because when I look at people I don’t see race, color, disabilities, deformities, or anything wrong.  I see a person, a living person who yes might have difficulties doing things that other people can do on their own.  Yes they might sign.  They might wear dark glasses, or use a cane to walk safely down the street.  They might have to have someone with them all of the time, or use a wheel chair.  Some might have pink hair.  Some might have no hair.  Some might be fighting a disease.  There will be different cultures.  People will believe different things.  People will worship different gods, or  not worship any at all.  Some might like scientific discoveries while others scoff at the madness.  Some might think everything is a joke.  Some might not ever be able to function on their own without medication.  Some might be too serious for their own good.  Still they are a person.  Our differences are what makes us all beautiful and unique.

I would think it would be boring here if we were all the same.  Yet still no one would be able to hate anyone or start a religious war if we all were the same color and believe the same things.    We all were governed by the same rules and regulations.  That would be nice.  Still I don’t think that’s how it was meant to be, well that everyone is the same.  Since we are different and have our own thoughts and beliefs it brings about a lot of issues.  Oh well, it seems that’s how it’s been since the beginning of time.

I know some of you will laugh at this because everything I say is a big joke to you, but that is how I feel and you can take a flying flip.

Ah well.  I think I’ve gone on for too long.

Is that racist?



So yeah been thinking about some things that people say that make you wonder if they even know it’s racist.

Like calling someone a chocolate bunny or chocolate milk.  I guess that’s what being black means you become chocolate.

You better not try to bite me because I bite back and I will make sure I draw blood.

Why is it when someone black sings a song we are considering churching up a song?  So what does Michael Bolton do?  Just because you add feeling to a song doesn’t mean you’re churching it up.  I will admit if you get a group of diva’s together and they are trying to battle out, they will continue till one gets tired.   That includes Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Christina Aguilara, and Beyoncé.  Etta James may you rest in peace.

Why is everyone shocked when they see a black woman with a big butt.  Uh…yeah not gonna go there.  There’s a whole song about black women having a big butt and how cosmo’s not that thing and bubble butt…bubble bubble butt.  ;)

I swear more people eat more fried chicken and they are not all black.  I on the other hand have to be in the mood for it.  I’m proud of the chicken places too.  They are making sure it’s diversified.

What is the deal that all black church songs are slave songs about massa and stuff.  Amazing Grace?  Standing on the Promises?  How Great Thou Art?  Yeah those aren’t slave songs.  Black churches even sing the mainstream Christian songs.  So uhh..yeah..not going there.  Believe me I’ve seen all kinds of churches on tv and most of them sing the same songs they just sound different in each congregation.

Still I guess we haven’t really gotten rid of racism.  People discriminate against each other because they are so afraid of whats different instead of embracing it.  That includes sexual orientation, disability, disfigurement, burn victims, overweight people, people with mental disorders, and anything else that we consider not our normal.

Believe me I know people sit around their home blurting out racists things.  We all know about stereotypes.  It’s sad, but sometimes they are true.  Still the difference between your home and doing it in public, or at work can make a big difference.

Look what happened when Paula Dean blurting out what she did.  Was I surprised?  No she lived in the South.  We all know that mentality.  That stereotype, that seems to still be true.  Some places in certain states are still segregated and in some places blacks aren’t allowed after dark.  If they are caught out after dark, all kinds of horrible things can happen.

Still I’ve seen stories where people have killed others, especially those who helped them out, all because they were of a different race.  There are racists in all colors.

So yeah before you blurt out something that could be racist think really hard and ask yourself if I was in a room surrounded by people of that race would I get my ass kicked.  If the answer is yes, then it’s probably racist.

Side note…I forgot to add David Bowie as one of the famous white men who married black women.

Much adieu.

Is it a coincidence?


So about this time last year I had a lot of issues with my air conditioner.  This year none at all.

Differences this year, all the people who lived near me are gone.  Especially the nosey one that lived upstairs, and her racist friends.  I wonder, if maybe that’s why I haven’t had any problems? Strange I don’t want to think that they were the reason behind it, but no problems so far.  *knock on wood*

This year a lot of changes.

So yeah I also notice strange things.  Like for example when I go out.  It could be a coincidence, but it seems that more people are coming in to visit people more when I’m leaving and when I come home they are leaving.  Could be strange coincidence.

Dude I saw a nice tall guy today.  Well most guys are taller than me.  Still he looked nice.  He didn’t have a ring on his finger so high-five.

Yeah so back to my ex neighbor.  One day she said something about my co-workers.  First of all like I’ve said before, she seemed to know people who work where I do.  One person had a decal on their car like mine, so yeah first thing that made me uneasy.  So one day out of the blue she asked me about my co-workers.  I looked at her funny because the way she said it she said it in a rude derogatory way.  This made me think, she knows one of my co-workers personally, has been talking to one of them, or has been talking to a neighbor or someone who knows one of my co-workers.  Which she started treating me differently, which made me want to stay away from her.  Plus her boyfriend tried to get into my place when I was trying to get into mine.  He stood right behind me as I was trying to open the door. Yeah she sent off all kinds of do not trust me vibes.  Yep, I had a good reason not to trust her.

On a side note her boyfriend wondered why I wouldn’t talk to her.  He eventually asked her while she was making fun of him, ” is that why she doesn’t talk to you?  Is it because you made fun of her.”  That and other reasons.  She gave me the do not trust me vibes.

Today…yeah today.

Well I want to learn something new.  Have been learning all kinds of things.  Yeah…you know me…I will keep it to myself.

“I want to be the very best…Like no one ever was *dun  dun  dun-dun*  To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause…”

Oh yeah!  I like the old school version.  Pokemon!  Hell yeah.

I wonder if people ever think because I’m black that it means I’m a criminal.  I have learned from others that people always assume that.  I don’t.  I assume most people have potential to be a criminal.  Of all of the crime stories I’ve seen most of them show criminals of every race.  So that’s a stereotype.

Assuming someone threatened someone else which causes you to believe that someone hurt your friend.  In retaliation you do what you think would hurt them.

Well I think I better get going.  Got lots to do.

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